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07/31 2019

Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial ice machine is an automatic ice machine, used to produce ice, thin pieces of ice or gold ice, their main use is to make soft drinks or soda can cool down in a short period of time, while maintaining freshness. Such ice machines are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee, milk and tea shops, sports places, offices, hospitals, and so on, which means that most of the medium and large places are used in such areas as hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee, milk and tea shops, sports places, offices, hospitals, and so on. With the increasing demand for ice in the market over the years, most machines are used in commercial places, some of which have independent control modules. According to the different types of ice, the supporting freezers you purchase store containers. At the same time, when you buy the equipment, the size of your drain and the area occupied by the equipment, whether the pure water flowing into the ice maker has been treated in advance. You have to do the right thing, and these are the constraints that restrict you from buying a machine.

Our ice machines can meet your needs in many places, especially in school restaurants, offices, convenience stores, hospitals or hotels, which can produce hard, transparent and clear ice. Mework is committed to providing customers with quality machines and quality services. 

Many times in summer, ice can not be separated from ice, whether at home or outside, if you want to drink a glass of ice, drinks, cold beer, Iced Milk Tea, there will be square ice or sand ice, and so on. I don't know if you know it at the moment of cold. Most city health departments will check the hygiene of businesses. The first place you usually see in the kitchen of a restaurant is the ice machine, which makes a lot of ice at the same time, the high temperature will make it melt, at the same time, with the prolongation of time, it will provide an ideal breeding environment for bacteria, so it must be constantly controlled to prevent pollution and bacterial growth.

Ice makers have to sterilize and wipe the machine regularly to ensure that bacteria and mold reproduce and grow in storage boxes, and many bacteria are known to grow and reproduce in cold environments, such as listeria, salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc., these potential bacteria are more dangerous in hospital ice makers, so it is very necessary to prevent regular inspection, because many biofilms are formed in the ice tray. The bacterial species that you can't control, covered with biofilms, can protect it, so sometimes it's hard to clean up, and even some chemicals can travel a protective barrier inside, and all these appearances require us to clean and maintain the hygiene of the ice maker's storage box in a timely manner. 

In a humid environment, a biological mucus is produced, which can grow quickly and is also defined as biofilm. Ice makers with clean cycle modules usually do not clean the equipment frequently and thoroughly, which can lead to the breeding of a large number of germs. when the ice maker machine stops working, it needs to be carefully cleaned by the staff to ensure the supply of high quality and clean ice, when you clean the ice machine, It takes a long time, and in the bactericidal ingredients, chemicals and tools need to be thoroughly clean, leaving no residue to cause changes in the taste of the ice.