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Tube Ice:

Tube Ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice, it is thick and transparent with long storage period. It isn't likely to melt in a short time.

Tube Ice Specification:  

Outer diameter options: 20mm, 28mm, 34mm, 40mm; 

Length options: 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm; 

Inner diameter: adjustable according to ice making time.


1.Bars & Nightclubs

2.Convenience Store


4.Educational Facilities




8.Fast-food shops

MEWORK MT series Tube Ice Machine

MEWORK MT series Tube Ice Machine ranges from 1 ton/day to 20 tons/day. 

MEWORK MT series Tube Ice Machine produces hard and powderless hollow tube ice that is transparent, sanitary and environmentally friendly.  

Water is circulated from a reservoir over the inner surface of the stainless steel tube. Ice is formed by a refrigerant being applied to the outside of the tube. When the desired thickness is achieved, the ice is released by a hot gas and drops into a rotating blade, through which the ice is cut into pieces with desired length.

At the end of a cycle, the salts and impurities are filtered and discharged. Then the fresh water fill in the reservoir to start a new ice making cycle. 


◆ High Efficiency; 

Special alloyed machine combined with unique heat treatment process makes the evaporator has the best thermal performance.

◆ Energy Saving;

Each compressor condensing unit is well controlled which makes sure the unit to work safely and stably in best condition to reach higher C.O.P. value.

◆ Automatic Operation;

PLC system controls the ice making process automatically.

◆ Safe, Hygeian;

The materials of the evaporator are all process by SUS304,PE, aluminum alloy and etc. By using over-rounded design, there is no blind spot inside the machine through cleaning, which meets the health requirements.

◆ Ice is transparent and sanitary;

The tube ice is transparent, sanitary and environmentally friendly. The clear texture of tube ice means it is often referred to as “cocktail” or “party ice”.

◆ Stable and Reliable;

Perfect design reduces the unnecessary transmission parts installed in machine and makes the structure easy and reliable. The whole unit can perform safely and stably over 30000 hours with no malfunctions.

MEWORK MT Series Tube Ice Machine Technical Parameter:  


◆ Refrigerant: R22 or R404a;

◆ Supply Power: 380V~420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3 Phases; 220V~240V, 60Hz, 3 Phases; 440V~480V, 60Hz, 3 Phases;

◆ Standard Working Conditions: Input Water Temperature: 21℃; Ambient Temp 25℃; Condensing Temperature: 40℃;

◆ MEMORK reserves the final explanation to the products technique parameter, model and specifications can be subject to change without notice.

MEWORK MT Series Tube Ice Machine Models:  

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