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Slurry Ice Machine

Slurry ice: aqueous solution (usually as brine water, seawater or ethylene glycol ). Due to its special semi fluid state, slurry ice is also called fluid ice, flowing and liquid ice. 


1.Product is cooled faster: With maximum contact area with the products, slurry ice provides rapid and efificient cooling.

2.Better protection for products: The mobility, softness and shape of slurry ice ensures no damages on the surface of theproducts.

Application fields: 

1. Food processing industry;

2. Seafool and aquatic product preservation;

3. Fishing;

4. Supermarket ice.

MEWORK MSF Series Slurry Ice Machine 

MEWORK MSF Series Slurry Ice Machine ranges from smaller installations intended for boats or operations on land to scalable industrial series for land based applications and large installations at sea.


1. Come in different sizes to meet customer needs and environmental regulations;

2. MEWORK MSF Series Slurry Ice Machine adopts stainless steel 316 for all contact areas, which meets all food processing standards;

3. 360 degree compact package of cooling bodies without dead ends, instant cooling evenly.

4. The round and smooth crystals do not damage products, unlike other forms of sharp, jagged ice (flake, block, shell, etc.).

5. From 20% to over 60% ice concentrations;

6. Appliable to all refrigerants available:R22/R404A/R517 and so on.

MEWORK MSF Series Slurry Ice Machine Technical Parameter:  


MEWORK MSF Series Slurry Ice Machine Models

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