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Water cooled Low Temperature Industrial Chiller

General Description

MEWORK MWLT-W series water cooled low temperature industrial chiller is widely applied in small-medium scale low temperature industrial cooling, such as chemical industry, pharmacy, food industry, etc.

Water cooled industrial chiller comes with a cooling tower. It requires less installation room, and could be located in a relevant close space.

Design features

-Water temperature range: -35ºC to 20ºC.   

-Danfoss/Copeland scroll compressor.

-Schneider electrical components.

-Danfoss/Emerson thermal components.

-For temperature below -15ºC, semi-hermetic piston type compressor will be adopted;

-Evaporator options: Shell, tube and plate type;

-Microcomputer control system ensures accurate temperature stability within ±1ºC;

-Large flow volume centrifugal pump, higher pressure available on request.

-Multi-protection devices to ensure safe working and long service time.

Safety Protection

-Compressor inner protection

-Over current protection

-High/low pressure protection

-Over temperature protection 

-Flow switch

-Phase sequence/phase missing protection

-Low coolant level protection

-Anti freezing protection 

-Exhaust overheat protection

Product parameters

Model: MWLT-3W~MWLT-40W



1.Cooling water inlet/outlet temperature 25℃/30℃.

2.Higher capacity pump as optional.

3.Units for different power voltage available on request.

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